Congratulations to UTO Board Member Caitlyn Darnell!

March 30, 2020

The UTO Board is proud to announce that our very own Caitlyn Darnell was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons in March. Caitlyn joined the Board as our first Young Adult Board member after being one of the first to receive a UTO Young Adult Grant. We have all enjoyed being on the journey with Caitlyn through seminary and now to her ordination, but none of us could have guessed that we would be attending her ordination online. Caitlyn was ordained in the Diocese of South Carolina with only 10 people in attendance due to the coronavirus restrictions from the bishop and the state. While we were disappointed not to be there in person, we are grateful that the Church has ordained Caitlyn and that we were able to be there virtually. We give thanks for all those who serve our Church as deacons, either permanently or as they move toward the priesthood. Deacons not only proclaim the Gospel and send us out into the world, but they connect the needs of the world with the gifts of the Church. Many of our UTO Grant applicants are deacons, and we have some amazing deacons serving as UTO coordinators, so Caitlyn’s ordination is a great time to give thanks not only for her ministry but for the ministry of all deacons. So, thank you to all of our deacons who are out in our communities as living signs of Christ’s love and hope.

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