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Theological educational grants awarded for Episcopalians, Anglicans in Caribbean, Latin America

March 9, 2011

The Commission for Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CETALC) has awarded 28 grants in six categories for more than $ 356,000 to support the educational theological and formational needs of the church in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Additionally, CETALC awarded a special $12,000 grant to the clergy of Haiti for assistance following the January 2010 earthquake.

The grants were approved by the Episcopal Church Executive Council at its February meeting.

CETALC was formed after the 1976 closing of the Episcopal Seminary of the Caribbean, located in Puerto Rico. At that time, the Episcopal Church Executive Council established the Trust Fund for Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the funds from the sale of the property earmarked to support the theological education programs of the dioceses that were using the seminary.

The six categories of CETALC grants are: provincial and regional programs; diocesan programs; research and production in the theological field; continued education scholarships; Leonardo Romero Scholarships; graduate scholarships.

Provincial And Regional Programs

IARCA â€" CAETS (Anglican Center for Higher Theological Studies), located in the Diocese of Guatemala, for its five year permanent program. $32,500.00

Province IX Clinical Pastoral Education in Quito, Ecuador, for its permanent program for training leaders/instructors. $21,000.00

Diocesan Programs

Panama: A permanent program for total ministry began in 1994 for clergy, seminarians, lay leaders and indigenous communities. $12,000.00

Sao Paulo, Brasil: Pastoral and Spiritual Leadership training for Clergy. $11,000.00

Colombia: Continued Theological Education, located in Medellin, Colombia, for clergy, seminarians and laity. $13,500.00

Puerto Rico: Seminario San Pedro y San Pablo, a permanent program for clergy, seminarians and lay people. $15,000.00

Mexico: Seminario San Andres, located in Mexico City for training new clergy and lay leaders. $15,000.00

Haiti: Training of seminarians for one year. $15,000.00

Venezuela: “Making adequate the program for theological education” (EFOM), a two semester program for clergy, seminarians and laity. $11,000.00

Honduras: Center for Anglican Studies and Formation, for seminarians and laity. $10,000.00

Brasilia, Brasil: Anglican School of Mission $12,000.00

Guatemala: Santo Tomas Diocesan Seminary, for clergy, seminarians, and lay. $12,000.00

Costa Rica: Episcopal Church Center for Theological Studies, to train clergy, seminarians and laity. $15,000.00

Dominican Republic: The Center for Theological Studies for clergy, seminarians and laity. $15,000.00

El Salvador: Anglican Center for Theological and Christian Education for clergy, seminarians, aspirants and laity. $12,000.00

Virgin Islands: Cedric E. Mills Center for Mission and Ministry for clergy, laity, and seminarians. $11,500.00

Mexico South East: Theological Education Program (PETE in Spanish) for clergy, seminarians, laity and future local clergy. $15,000.00

Northern Mexico: Continued Education and Seminary by Extension, a permanent program, for clergy, seminarians, and lay. $11,000.00

Cuba: Preparation for New Ministries, for clergy, seminarians and lay. $13,500.00

Ecuador Central: Theological Education Program (PET) offered in Quito, Ecuador for clergy, seminarians and lay. $13,500.00

Ecuador Litoral: The Center for Theological Studies San Patricio (CET in Spanish) for clergy, seminarians and lay. $11,385.00

Leonardo Romero Scholarship

Created in memory of the late Bishop Leonardo Romero of Northern Mexico, the scholarship was awarded to the Rt. Rev. Naudal Alves Gomes, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Curitiba, Brasil, to attend St. George’s College in Jerusalem. $4,790.00

Research And Production In The Theological Field

For theological research, the grant was awarded to the Rt. Rev. Carlos Enrique Lainfiesta, Suffragan Bishop of Guatemala. $4,500.00

Continued Theological Education

Three Colombian clergy - Deacon Edgar Giraldo, the Rev. Diego Sabogal, and the Rev. Luis A. Pinzon - will study for six months at the Universidad Pontifica Javeriana in Colombia. $900.00 each

CIAET Program For International Anglican Center For Theological Studies

Located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, since January 2009, for the implementation of changes and redefining the future of the program $35,000.00

Special Program For Theological And Pastoral Support Of Haiti’s Clergy

The Commission unanimously adopted a resolution approving funds to support the clergy in the Diocese of Haiti following the devastating earthquake. $12,000.00.


The following are the CETALC members:

The Episcopal Church: Bishop Victor Scantlebury of the Diocese of Chicago; the Rev. Dr. Henry Atkins of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Mexico: Bishop Lino Rodríguez Amaro; Sarai Osnaya, CETALC secretary

IARCA: The Most Rev. Armando Guerra Soria, CETALC president; Sandra Cardona

Province IX: Bishop Francisco Duque of Colombia; the Rev. Vaike Madisson, CETALC vice-president

Brasil: Bishop Filadelfo Oliveira of Rio de Janeiro

Cuba: The Rev. Dr. Marienela De La Paz

Haiti: The Rev. Alexander Soner

Virgin Islands: Rosalie Simmonds Ballantine, Esq.

Ex-Oficio: Amanda De La Cruz, CETALC treasurer

Staff: Bishop Wilfrido Ramos; the Rev. Glenda McQueen

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Public Affairs Officer