Planning team members announced for 2019 Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales (EJE19)

April 17, 2018

The 14 members of the Planning Team for the 2019 Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales (EJE19) have been announced.

Tentatively, EJE19 is slated for July 2019 and will include young people ages 16-26. The location has not yet been confirmed.

EJE19 is being planned in accordance with General Convention Resolution #1982-D079, the Episcopal Church convenes an international youth event so “that the energy of the youth of the Episcopal Church can continue to be utilized in active ministry as members of the Body of Christ.” 

“Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales is a response to the growing youth and young adult ministries of the Episcopal Church throughout Province IX,” noted Bronwyn Clark Skov, Episcopal Church Director for Formation, Youth and Young Adult Ministries. “EJE19 is a contextualized event, planned and implemented by and for Episcopalians living and worshipping in and around Province IX.”

"EJE represents a great achievement that will unify youth ministry in our church," said Coromoto Jiménez de Salazar, Lay Representative IX Province, Executive Council. "It will give equal opportunities for participation to those young people who live in urban areas, rural areas and indigenous areas of our countries, who possess wonderful gifts and talents."

The following young people will be serving on the EJE19 Planning Team, which will be meeting throughout the next 17 months to plan EJE19:

  • Erika Alejandra García Gordón, Diocese of Central Ecuador
  • Diana Marcela Abuchar Sierra, Diocese of Colombia
  • Ana Victoria Lantigua Zaya, Diocese of Dominican Republic
  • Dannes Alexis Olvera Díaz, Diocese of Ecuador Litoral
  • Byron Fabricio Fernández, Diocese of Honduras
  • Kenianne Joan Rivera, Diocese of Puerto Rico

The following young people will be serving on the EJE19 Event Team, which will provide on-site leadership and support during the event:

  • Andrea C. Salazar, Diocese of Venezuela
  • Wilfreddy Alexander Carmona, Diocese of Dominican Republic
  • Santiago Felipe Hincapié Guzmán, Diocese of Colombia
  • Sofía Norellisa Calidonio Cerna, Diocese of Honduras

The following adult mentors will be serving on the EJE19 Planning Team:

  • Luis Brenes Vargas, Diocese of Honduras
  • Hilbeth Daniela Salazar, Diocese of Venezuela
  • Patricia Martin, Diocese of Dominical Republic
  • Wendy Barrett Buchanan, Diocese of Central Ecuador
  • Bryan Alexis Vélez, Diocese of Puerto Rico
  • Israel Portilla Gómez, Diocese of Colombia
  • Angel Dávila, Diocese of Puerto Rico
  • Francisco Morales, Province IX Coordinator 
  • Gina Angula Zamora, Diocese of Ecuador Litoral

The following adult mentors will be serving on the EJE19 Event Team:

  • Kara de Mejía, Diocese of Honduras
  • Pastor Elías García Cárdenas, Diocese of Colombia
  • Luis Alberto García Correa, Diocese of Dominican Republic
  • Juan Carlos Quiñonez Mera, Diocese of Central Ecuador
  • Jairo Chirán, Diocese of Puerto Rico

Financial support for the EJE19 Planning Team is provided by the Constable Fund. The event is a partnership of the Office of Youth Ministries, Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministries, Office of Global Relations, Office of Latino Ministries, the Episcopal Diocese of Panama and the seven dioceses of Province IX.

For more information contact Skov.