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Office of research issues stats

October 16, 2009

The Office of Research of The Episcopal Church has issued statistics for 2008.

In The Episcopal Church, members were 2,285,143, with an Average Sunday Attendance at 747,376, marking a slight downturn in membership. The dioceses in the United States saw a 2.8% drop while the international dioceses noted an increase and are experiencing growth.

However, nearly 20% of the dioceses tracked growth in the last year. The highest percentage of growth in the United States dioceses was marked at 6.1% in the Diocese of North Dakota. In the dioceses outside the United States, the Diocese of Ecuador-Central showed a 28.2% jump, with the Diocese of Ecuador –Litoral closely behind at a 28.0% increase. Puerto Rico experienced a 13.2% rise.

Full statistics are available on the Research pages of The Episcopal Church website, here:

Over the past few years, a number of published reports have indicated thatmany mainline Protestant denominations are experiencing similar membership and attendance trends.

The Episcopal Church welcomes all who worship Jesus Christ in 110 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations. The Episcopal Church is a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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