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New Episcopal Church web pages: engaging, welcoming, informative

Special page developed for Haiti updates
January 15, 2010

A clean, contemporary design, improved search capability and easy-to-access resources for the mission and ministry work of The Episcopal Church are all combined with a newly simplified home page  and web pages:

Additionally, a special page has been developed expressly for updates from around the church on the devastating earthquake in Haiti

"The new page includes postings, videos and ways to donate," said Anne Rudig, Director of Communication. "We are responding to the needs of the victims, their families, and our Church."

New design

The innovative new design, produced by the Office of Communication, captures the breadth of the Church’s work. The redesigned web pages feature easy navigation and are filled with photos, graphics and videos.

"The new mission web pages show the Church's mission and ministry at work," noted Rudig. "It's for Episcopalians, visitors, seekers, newcomers, and all who want to learn and engage in this important work."

"The mission area of the website was redesigned with the fundamental focus on expanding the accessibility of the vast knowledge base," explained Mike Collins, Director of Digital Communication.  "Our team has been working on the redesign for nearly a year to present the mission and ministry of the Church in an understandable way." 

"Our ministry is around the corner, around the world, sometimes where you are standing in your community," noted Mary Brennan, Mission Communications Officer.  "The new web pages show how the Church's mission and ministry are important in all places at all times."

The new mission web pages

The mission web pages are divided into four focus areas of the work of The Episcopal Church: Advocacy, Community, Networking, and Partnerships. Each focus area features a description of the scope of work, helpful resources, upcoming events, and contact info.

Take a look at the focus areas and descriptions:

Advocacy: “Especially for people who strive to love their neighbors as themselves, mission focused on advocacy educates, motivates, organizes and empowers Episcopalians to action for justice, peace and care for all of God's creation, through networks, partnerships and resources.” In Advocacy, the info is grouped according to Policy, Communication and Action.

Community: “Especially for Church leaders who are seeking connections and ideas, mission focused on community inspires people and communities with spirited and imaginative resources to grow in relationship with God and one another.” In Community, info is grouped according to Growth, Worship, Diversity, and Formation.

Networking: “Especially for motivated individuals who want to take their idea or passion to the next level, mission focused on networking empowers people through creative and innovative resources and dynamic relationships to become visionary leaders in the Church and the world.” In Networking, the info is grouped according to Inspire, Explore, and Lead.

Partnerships: “Especially for Episcopalians and Anglicans worldwide and their ecumenical and Interreligious partners who want to do God’s work together, mission focused on partnerships builds domestic and international relationships to accomplish God’s mission in a changing world.” In Partnerships, info is grouped according to Grants, Programs, and Relationships. 

"Take a look, delve into a topic, learn about the Church's mission and ministry, and engage in the work of our Christian community," Rudig offered.

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Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer