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A Mission Revolution in the Church

October 20, 2014
The Public Affairs Office

A Mission Revolution in the Church, a comprehensive video presentation by Bishop Stacy Sauls, is now available online here

Presented October 1 to the Episcopal Business Administrators Conference (EBAC) at the group’s annual gathering in New York, Bishop Sauls details the many ways that the Missionary Society can partner with and support mission and ministry at the local level.

“The fundamental mission of the church is to remember about God,” said Bishop Sauls, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church. “That’s why the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society exists.  To help you remind the church about God.  That’s why we’re in business – to support the work you do.”

Through narrative, slides and a variety of videos, Bishop Sauls shares partnership possibilities, funding and grants, and details of the Diocesan Partnership Program.

The video is ideal for group watching and discussion.

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Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer