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Justice and Advocacy Fellowships applications accepted for poverty alleviation and environmental stewardship

March 18, 2014
The Public Affairs Office

Applications are now accepted for one-year and two-year Justice and Advocacy Fellowships for social justice and advocacy work for The Episcopal Church.

The Justice and Advocacy Fellowships for Domestic Poverty and Environmental Stewardship, new initiatives of The Episcopal Church, will provide financial support for service, professional development and education to those who are engaged in poverty alleviation and environmental stewardship. Hands-on experience, professional training and leadership development are intrinsic in the Fellowships.

Focusing on the Anglican Marks of Mission Mark 4 and Mark 5, the 2014 Justice and Advocacy Fellowships are sponsored by the Episcopal Church Office of Justice and Advocacy Ministries.

The Domestic Poverty Fellowships are one-year each and call for addressing domestic poverty in communities. The Environmental Stewardship Fellowship are two-years each and will provide leadership on key environmental issues in affected domestic communities.

Fellowships range from $24,000 over one year to $48,000 over two years.

Details, requirements, special data and instructions on applying are located here

“The Justice and Advocacy Fellowships for Domestic Poverty and Environmental Stewardship are ideal opportunities to focus on a myriad of possibilities, such as engaging in work with the poor, prisons, poverty, healthcare, climate change, water conservation, and other important issues of our society,” explained The Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson, Domestic Poverty Missioner. “The Justice and Advocacy Fellowships are available to candidates from any ethnic background or geographical location.”


Deadline for applications is May 9.

For more information contact Stevenson or Jayce Hafner, Episcopal Church Domestic Policy Analyst.


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