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Jubilee Ministry grants awarded for Episcopal Church programs and mission work

April 5, 2011

The Social and Economic Justice Office of the Episcopal Church Center has awarded 103 Jubilee Ministry grants in 50 dioceses for 2010 and 2011 in five categories for more than $157,250 to support mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church.

The 2010 categories are: health and nutrition; building a just society; and diocesan development. The 2011 categories are Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop funding and summer camp partnership grants.

Jubilee Ministries are congregations or agencies with connections to the Episcopal Church whose mission efforts affect the lives of those in need, addressing basic human needs and justice issues. Grants to Jubilee ministries are awarded annually.

2010 grants

Building a just society

A total of 25 grants for $2,500 each for funding to 25 dioceses to support local poverty alleviation initiatives that emerge from local communities and leaders. $62,500.00

  • Diocese of Arizona; The Naco Wellness Initiative. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Colombia; Mision Nuestra Senora de Walsingham. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Colorado; Cooperating Ministry of Logan County. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of the Dominican Republic; Clinica Esperanza y Caridad. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of East Tennessee; Cumberland Adult Reading Council. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Eastern Oregon; St Mark's Episcopal Church Hot Meal Program. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Iowa; Faith and Grace Garden, St. Timothy's. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Louisiana; St. Anna's Episcopal Church. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; Community of Hope Ministries. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Ohio; Open Door Ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church; $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Olympia; The Auburn Jubilee Center. $ 2,500.00

  • Diocese of Pittsburgh; Coal Country Youth Hangout. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Rio Grande; Casa San Miguel. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of San Diego; The Food Pantry, St. David's. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of San Joaquin; Soup kitchen. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Southeast Florida; Independence Cay, Inc. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Southern Ohio; CityHeart (Christ Church). $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Southwestern Virginia; Virginia Legal Aid Society & Christ Episcopal. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Spokane; The Great Opportunity of a Lifetime Project. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Texas; Trinity Center, Austin. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of Washington, DC; The Welcome Table & Street Church. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of West Tennessee; Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Memphis. $2,500.00

  • Diocese of West Virginia; Zion Episcopal Church Homeless Shelter. $2,500.00

Outside the Episcopal Church:

  • Nippon Sei Ko Kai; The Asian Rural Institute. $2,500.00

  • Sureste de Mexico; Amiguitos Mexico. $2,500.00

Health and nutrition

A total of 29 grants for $750 each for funding to 22 dioceses for Jubilee Ministries that respond to the nutritional needs of food deserts. A food desert is a district with little or no access to foods needed to maintain a healthy diet but often served by fast food restaurants. $21,750.00.

  • Diocese of Alabama; Grace Episcopal Church/Food Pantry. $750.00

  • Diocese of Arizona; ICM Food and Clothing Bank. $750.00

  • Diocese of Chicago; Messiah St. Bartholomew's Development. $750.00

  • Diocese of Chicago; St. Clement's. $750.00

  • Diocese of Colombia; Colforpaz. $750.00

  • Diocese of Dallas; Jubilee Park & Community Center. $750.00

  • Diocese of Dallas; Our Savior Community Garden. $750.00

  • Diocese of East Tennessee; Metropolitan Ministries. $750.00

  • Diocese of East Tennessee; The Hosanna Community. $750.00

  • Diocese of Iowa; Cedar Valley Episcopal Campus Ministry. $750.00

  • Diocese of Lexington; Reading Camp. $750.00

  • Diocese of Louisiana; All Souls. $750.00

  • Diocese of Maine; Trinity Jubilee Center. $750.00

  • Diocese of Maryland; Episcopal Housing Corporation. $750.00

  • Diocese of Massachusetts; Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. $750.00

  • Diocese of Michigan; Crossroads of Michigan. $750.00

  • Diocese of Minnesota; ECS - Handicap Accessible Backyard Harvest Garden. $750.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; Christ Church New Brunswick Food Pantry. $750.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; St. Andrew's Jubilee Center. $750.00

  • Diocese of Northern Michigan; Drummond Island Community Food Bank. $750.00

  • Diocese of Ohio; CELEBRATE/Great Music without Barriers. $750.00

  • Diocese of Ohio; Frannie Millward Community Garden at St. Thomas. $750.00

  • Diocese of Ohio; St. Luke's Episcopal Church. $750.00

  • Diocese of Ohio; Trinity Cathedral. $750.00

  • Diocese of Pennsylvania; The Church of the Advocate, Soup Kitchen. $750.00

  • Diocese of Southern Virginia; Church of the Ascension Food Pantry. $750.00

  • Diocese of Texas; St. Vincent's House. $750.00

  • Diocese of Washington, DC; Free Community Dinner & Food Distribution. $750.00

  • Diocese of West Virginia; Manna Meal. $750.00

Funding diocesan initiatives

A total of 19 Diocesan Jubilee Ministry Development Grants of $1,000 each for funding to 19 dioceses to support Jubilee Ministry development plans of the local bishop and the appointed diocesan jubilee officer. $19,000.00

  • Diocese of Alabama; Expand network of feeding ministries with staple goods. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Arizona; Outreach Ministry Summit, September 28-30, 2011. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Arkansas; Support rural expansion of Jubilee Ministry in the diocese. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Chicago; Match diocesan support for networking meetings. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Colorado; Support field education intern for 2010-2011. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Connecticut; Supporting Saturday Tutoring Program. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Dallas; Supporting diocesan network development and ministries. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Iowa; Support visitations and diocesan network. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Long Island; Conduct four workshops to educate and identify ministries. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Maine; Training support on broad array of developmental issues. $1,000.00

  • Navajoland Area Mission; Support White Bison training for ministry development. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; Education and awareness of Jubilee Ministry in diocese. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Pittsburgh; Coal Country Youth Hangout. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of South Dakota; Standing Rock & Cheyenne River Reservation Youth Project. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Southwest Florida; Cornerstone Kids, Inc. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Washington; Support DJO travel and participation in Jubilee activities. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of West Texas; Pharr Out Kids-Youth Development Services: Good Samaritan. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Western Michigan; Small diocesan grant awards: St. Mark's, Grand Rapids. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Wyoming; Support network development activities in the diocese. $1,000.00

2011 grants

Jubilee Ministry ABCD Workshop

A total of 6 grants of $5,000.00 each provides funding for 6 dioceses to host two-day Asset Based Community Development training workshops featuring ABCD Institute trainer Mike Green. $30,000.00

  • Diocese of Chicago; Two collaborating dioceses. $5,000.00

  • Diocese of Long Island; Enlarge circle of community stakeholders. $5,000.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; Focus on community & resource renewal. $5,000.00

  • Diocese of Olympia; Assisting several diocesan committees. $5,000.00

  • Diocese of Washington; Three collaborating dioceses. $5,000.00

  • Diocese of West Missouri/Kansas; Two collaborating dioceses. $5,000.00

Jubilee Ministry partnership grants

A total of 24 grants of $1,000 each for 2011 summer camp programs targeting literacy or children of people who are incarcerated. $24,000.00

  • Diocese of Dallas; Bishop's Camp - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Dallas; The Bright Zone Ministry - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of East Carolina; Camp Hope - camp for children of incarcerated. $ 1,000.00

  • Diocese of Easton; Camp Agape - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Iowa; Camp Hope (Trinity, Waterloo) - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Lexington; Reading Camp - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Maryland; Camp Amazing Grace - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Maryland; Ghanaian Mothers' Hope - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of New Jersey; St. Andrew's - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of New York; Incarnation Center - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of New York; Rural & Migrant Ministry - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Newark; Grace Church Nutley - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Newark; St. Paul's Episcopal Church - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Northern California; Camp Noel Porter - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Northern Indiana, Camp New Happenings - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Northern Michigan; Camp New Day - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Oklahoma; New Hope - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of South Carolina; St. Lawrence Place - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Southern Ohio; Episcopal Community Ministry Foundation - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Southwestern Virginia; Children of Incarcerated Parents Outreach - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Tennessee; East Nashville Hope Exchange - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Texas; Camp Good News - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Vermont; Camp Agape - camp for children of incarcerated. $1,000.00

  • Diocese of Virginia; Reading Stars - summer reading camp. $1,000.00

For more information contact the Rev. Christopher Johnson, Episcopal Church Jubilee Officer,

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