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General Convention 2012 Summary of Actions available

August 10, 2012
The Public Affairs Office

The Summary of Actions, detailing the resolutions, elections and other matters from the 77th General Convention held in July 2012, is now available in English from the Episcopal Church General Convention office at

The Summary of Actions fulfills the canonical requirement of Joint Rule 15 in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church. The document reports on the 411 resolutions considered by the 77th General Convention:

  • 167 from Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards (A Resolutions);
  • 29 Resolutions from Bishops (B Resolutions);
  • 120 from Dioceses and Provinces (C Resolutions);
  • 95 Resolutions from Deputies (D Resolutions).

The Rev. Gregory Straub, Executive Officer of General Convention, pointed out that, in comparison, the 76th General Convention in 2009 considered 192 A Resolutions, 32 B Resolutions, 87 C Resolutions, and 107 D Resolutions, for a total of 418 resolutions.

Other matters

Additionally, the Summary of Actions lists the membership of the Executive Council and other bodies elected and appointed at General Convention 2012.  It also outlines the different task forces as well as the committees, commissions, agencies and boards (CCABs) of the General Convention for the 2013–2015 triennium.

The resolutions summarized by the Summary of Actions are available in their uncertified form on the General Convention website, and will be researched by the General Convention Office with the help of the Archives of the Episcopal Church in the preparation of a revised Constitution and Canons and the Journal of the 77th General Convention, which is the official record of the proceedings (along with the Digital Archives on the website of the Archives of the Episcopal Church).

Next steps

Straub explained that the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops each adopted a procedural motion regarding to matters not completed at the General Convention on the last day of Convention, July 12. The House of Deputies directed that items not completed be referred to the Secretary of the General Convention, while the House of Bishops directed them to “an appropriate interim body.”

However, neither House concurred with the other’s motion; therefore any matter not completed is considered rejected.

For more information on the Summary of Actions and the other publications of the 77th General Convention, contact Christopher Barajas, Staff Assistant for Publications in the General Convention Office.


Note: The Summary of Actions in Spanish is forthcoming.

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Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer