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Facts about the lawsuit concerning the Rev. Bede Parry

July 6, 2011
  • A lawsuit has been filed against a Roman Catholic monastery in Missouri
  • In it, the Rev. Bede Parry, now an Episcopal priest at All Saints, Las Vegas, NV allegedly engaged in inappropriate relationships with youth in their late teens.
  • Parry served All Saints for 11 years as organist and assisting priest. In response to these allegations, Fr. Bede has resigned from his duties at All Saints and tendered to Diocese of Nevada Bishop Dan Edwards his resignation as a priest.
  • Parry is not accused of any misconduct in Nevada, in the Episcopal Church, or in any context since the 1980’s.
  • The legal action is not a criminal prosecution but a civil suit for money damages.
  • All Saints, the Diocese of Nevada, the Episcopal Church and Parry are not parties to the law suit.
  • Parry was received in thee Episcopal Church in 2004 by then Bishop of Nevada, now Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori.
  • Parry went to the Bishop of Nevada to talk about being received as a priest in the Episcopal Church which initiated a process as required in the Canons.
  • A required background check was initiated and completed.
  • Parry was forthcoming about the 1987 incident at Conception Abbey in the background check.
  • The Interim rector of All Saints’ and the senior warden were informed and aware. Parry went through interviews with the Commission on Ministry and was forthcoming about the 1987 event.
  • Parry was examined by the Commission on Ministry as required by the Canons and was recommended by the Commission on Ministry.
  • Parry’s reception as an Episcopal Priest was approved by the Standing Committee as per the canons.
  • As Bishop of Nevada, the Presiding Bishop followed all policies, procedures and practices.  She insured that Safeguarding God’s Children, a program for preventing and responding to sexual abuse in children, was standard practice and was an integral part of parish work and ministry.
  • Diocese of Nevada Bishop Dan Edwards and his staff have reviewed the records and shared with appropriate commissions and the diocesan chancellor, and they confirmed there were no departures from established policies and procedures. As in all Diocese of Nevada workings, all canons were followed; all policies and procedures were followed, and continue to be followed.
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Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer