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Episcopal Church partners with FaithStreet, a new congregational evangelism tool

November 12, 2012
The Public Affairs Office

A partnership between the Episcopal Church and FaithStreet paves the way for congregations to connect their church with church seekers through an innovative church locator that offers much more than a search engine.

“Our partnership with FaithStreet will give our congregations a new tool to promote their churches,” commented Anne Rudig, Episcopal Church Director of Communication.  “FaithStreet not only locates a church, but works with a congregation to present the mission and ministry done there in ways easily understood by a seeker. It goes beyond address and contact info to providing an ethos or 'vibe' of particular churches."

FaithStreet, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, currently showcases 3,580 churches in all 50 United States, in over 1,500 cities. This includes over 100 church networks and denominations representing churches of all sizes, ranging from five to 10,000 members.

“FaithStreet is a tech-startup that is making it easy for anyone to find and connect with a great Christian church in their area,” explained Ryan Melogy, Co-Founder. “We’re creating a personalized church discovery experience, where anyone will be able to find a great church for them.”

Founded in 2011, FaithStreet experienced remarkable growth.  By 2012 over 400 churches in New York City joined, and by September 2012, 3,100 churches outside NYC were participating.

“Churches will always be able to create a free profile on FaithStreet,” noted Sean Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer. “In the future, FaithStreet will offer paid features, services, and advertising plans. These paid services will be always being optional, affordable and effective.”

“FaithStreet gives churches a free, great-looking and easy-to-use web presence,” concluded Glenn Ericksen, Chief Technical Officer.

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Nancy Cox Davidge
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