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Episcopal Church acronyms: what are they and what do they mean?

October 21, 2014
The Public Affairs Office

Do you know the difference between EMM* and ECW*?  Or maybe you know who the PB* is, but not so clear about the ABC*.

Acronyms and terms that are used regularly in The Episcopal Church are presented in an easy-to-reference document located on the Public Affairs web page in English here and in Spanish here  

From A (Anglican Consultative Council) to Z (well, actually YASC*), the document is prepared for anyone who needs a clearer understanding of the meanings of acronyms.

It’s easy to check what ECVA* or UBE* is, let alone LEVAS* and NAES*, and a lot of others.

For more information contact Neva Rae Fox, Public Affairs Officers, at




*Did you know these?

ABC – Archbishop of Canterbury

ECVA – Episcopal Church and Visual Arts

ECW – Episcopal Church Women

EMM – Episcopal Migration Ministries

LEVAS – Lift Every Voice And Sing

NAES – National Association of Episcopal Schools

PB – Presiding Bishop

UBE – Union of Black Episcopalians

YASC – Young Adult Service Corps




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Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer