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EJE19: Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales

Dates, location, registration details set
November 2, 2018

The Department of Faith Formation, in partnership with the Episcopal Church Office of Latino Ministries and Office of Global Partnerships, and the seven dioceses of Province IX are pleased to announce that Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales (EJE19) will be July 17, 2019 to July 20, 2019 at Ciudad del Saber in Panama City, Panama.

The event, which is being held and hosted in the Diocese of Panama, will welcome young people 16-26 living and worshipping in and around the dioceses of Province IX for several days of worship, music, workshops, and community-building. At EJE19, the dioceses of Province IX will be joined by limited delegations from Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America (IARCA), Cuba, Mexico and Brazil, as well as the United States.

“I wish to thank The Presiding Bishop of TEC, the Most Reverend Michael Curry; the President of Province IX, the Right Reverend Víctor Scantlebury and the Organizing Committee of EJE19, for having selected the Episcopal Church of Panama, another Branch of the Jesus Movement, as the headquarters of the first Episcopal Youth Event in Latin America,” said Bishop Murray, Bishop, Episcopal Church of Panama and Presiding Bishop of IARCA. “Today there is much talk of Panama as being one of the countries with the highest economic growth in the region, but there is also reference to the fact that social inequalities continue to challenge the mission of the church. Working with young people is fundamental for our church. It gives us the opportunity to influence, train and motivate the leadership of the next generation, in an integral way, on emerging issues that challenge evangelization, intentional discipleship and our response in matters of social justice in favor of building the Kingdom of God in the midst of the realities where we have been called to be Church. It is a pleasure and an honor to hold EJE19 in the Episcopal Church in Panama and work together with youth ministries.”

“EJE19 will be an incredible gathering of young people to learn about and claim their place as members of the Jesus Movement,” said Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry. “We are the Episcopal Church, but the Lord we follow wants us to be more than that. We are baptized disciples of the Jesus of Nazareth, and we are therefore not just the Episcopal Church, but we are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. We are people committed to living his way of unselfish, sacrificial love. I’m looking forward to joining this community in Panama next July.” 

Registration and Cost

Province IX dioceses and the Diocese of Cuba are invited to send delegations of up to 15 participants consisting of 13 young people between age 16 and 26, and two chaperones 27 years of age or older. Cost will be $50/person, which includes on-site programming, meals, lodging and local transportation. Travel to and from Panama City will be the responsibility of the sponsoring diocese and individual.

Per person cost for the delegations from IARCA, Mexico and Brazil, and the United States is $200/person. The cost for bishops is $350. Exhibitors are invited at a rate of $400/per basic exhibit space. These rates are inclusive of food, lodging and programming and do not include travel to and from Panama City.

Registration for EJE19 participants from Province IX dioceses will be organized by each bishop’s office through an appointed diocesan registrar. Registration for EJE19 participants from Cuba, IARCA, Mexico, and Brazil will be organized through a registrar appointed by provincial leadership. Registration details have been sent to bishops and primates. The window for registration will open November 20, 2018 and close January 18, 2019. Only appointed registrars will have access to the application.

Planning Team Continues to Meet

The EJE19 Planning Team, which has been meeting since April 2017, will meet again in November on-site at Ciudad del Saber to continue planning and preparation for the event. The Planning Team’s work is funded by Episcopal Church Constable Fund Grants.

For more information about EJE19, please email

Nancy Cox Davidge
Public Affairs Officer