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Conference explores Episcopal Church’s response to issues of Domestic Poverty

February 9, 2010

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will present the keynote address at a special conference focusing on The Episcopal Church"s response to the pervasive issue of Domestic Poverty. Called to Serve: The Episcopal Church Responds to Domestic Poverty will provide an in-depth exploration of the nature of domestic poverty and the Church"s role in addressing this ubiquitous national issue on Wednesday to Friday, April 28 – 30 in Newark, NJ.

Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, in her Wednesday address "Called to Serve – How can we respond to domestic poverty?" will map out the steps and points needed to work together on domestic poverty.

Also on Wednesday, The Episcopal Church will debut a documentary on domestic poverty, produced by the Office of Communication. The film will focus on the remarkable work of Jubilee Park in Dallas, TX, which provides an array of services, from job training to voter registration and food services, to Dallas residents living below the poverty level.

Domestic Poverty was named a major focus of the Church"s ministry and mission at last summer"s General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Asset-based community development

The conference speakers, workshops and panel presentations will focus attention on the role of asset-based community development as a means for recognizing poverty. An important component of the conference will be the examination of a new model for understanding poverty, "The Measure of America: America Human Development Report."

This is timely, according to the Rev. Christopher Johnson, because "in the past, we have defined poverty solely in economic terms. ‘The Measure of America" is a process that encompasses other related factors."

Schedule and info

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Called to Serve: The Episcopal Church Responds to Domestic Poverty is supported by Jubilee Ministries, Episcopal Community Services in America, and National Episcopal Health Ministries.

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Called to Serve: The Episcopal Church Responds to Domestic Poverty:

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