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$133,150 awarded for Young Adult and Campus Ministry grants

March 14, 2019

The 2019 Young Adult and Campus Ministry Grant recommendations were approved by the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church during their February meeting in Oklahoma. A total of $133,150 will be awarded to 21 grant recipients from across The Episcopal Church.

Young Adult and Campus Ministry Grants provide funding for dioceses, congregations, and community college/tribal college/university campuses that are engaging or seek to engage ministry with young adults on and off college campuses.

“These grants help The Episcopal Church live into an expanded understanding of what it means to be in ministry with young adults on and off college campuses,” said the Rev. Shannon Kelly, Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries. “This is a growing ministry, one that shows the church how to engage mission and the Jesus Movement in new, innovative ways.”

Five Campus Ministry Grants, four Leadership Grants, three Project Grants and nine Young Adult Ministry Grants were awarded to 19 dioceses. Campus Ministry Grants provide seed money to assist in the start-up of new, innovative campus ministries or to enhance a current ministry. Leadership Grants establish new, restore dormant, or reenergize current campus ministries. Project Grants provide money for a one-time project that will enhance and impact a campus or young adult ministry.  Young Adult Ministry Grants provide seed money to assist in the start-up of new, innovative young adult ministries or enhance current ministries.

Recipients and review process
A total of 57 grant applications were received, of which 19 were Leadership Grants, 16 Campus Ministry Grants, four Project Grants, and 18 Young Adult Ministry Grants. Application requests totaled more than $665,000.

Grant applications were reviewed by a team which included the provincial coordinators for campus ministry and leaders in the area of young adult ministry. Applications were read by staff members from the Faith Formation Department as well as by a member of Executive Council. Each application received a score as well as comments from three reviewers. All reviewers gathered in person (with one joining via video call) to discern which grants should be funded. The review team worked incredibly hard and faithfully to discern each application and the Formation Office is deeply grateful for their dedication and hard work.

Campus Ministry Grants

  • All Saints' @The Table, The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas, Province VII, $4,800
  • Canterbury@Plymouth, Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, Province I, $3,400
  • Episcopal and Lutheran Campus Fellowship of Macon, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Province IV, $4,850
  • Episcopal Campus Ministry at University of North Carolina Asheville, Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina, Province IV, $3,700
  • Faithful Futures - Listening Post, Episcopal Church in Connecticut, Province I, $5,000

Leadership Grants

  • Pastoral Universitaria - Iglesia Episcopal Puertorriqueña, Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico, Province IX, $30,000
  • Georgia Tech, Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, Province IV, $14,000
  • Pittsburgh University Chaplaincy, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, Province III, $14,000
  • St. Luke's Episcopal Campus Ministry and the U R Loved Library, Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, Province VII, $14,000

Project Grants

  • Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan/Canterbury House, Diocese of Northern Michigan, Province V, $1,000
  • Episcopal Campus Ministry at Rutgers University, Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, Province II, $900
  • St. John's Episcopal Church, Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, Province V, $1,000

Young Adult Ministry Grants

  • 3rd Place - A Young Adult Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina and the Presbyterian Episcopal Campus Ministry at Appalachian State University, Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, Province IV, $2,500.00
  • Beloved in the Desert, Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, Province VIII, $5,000.00
  • Emerging Communities, Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, Province VIII, $4,000.00
  • Episcopal Camps & Conference Centers, Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Province III, $5,000.00
  • Johnson Service Corps, Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, Province IV, $3,000.00
  • Life Together, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Province I, $5,000.00
  • Marquette Young Adult Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan, Province V, $5,000.00
  • Plainsong Farm & Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, Province V, $3,000.00
  • St. Thomas' Episcopal Church - Dinner Church, Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, Province II, $4,000.00

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