Office of Lifelong Christian Formation consulting with Bishop's Native Collaborative

April 29, 2013
Lifelong Formation

indigenous_finalThe Bishop’s Native Collaborative (BNC), which was designed to reinvigorate native and indigenous initiatives by fostering the formation of clergy to serve native American Episcopal congregations, is developing an alternative theological education process which fulfills the seven canonical requirements while at the same time responds to the needs of their native communities.

The seven canonical requirements are:

  • Church History & Theology
  • Ethics & Moral Theology
  • Holy Scriptures
  • Contemporary Society
  • Theology & Practice of Ministry
  • Mission Theology
  • Liturgies & Church Music

The office of Lifelong Christian Formation, in partnership with the office of Indigenous Ministries, has been consulting with the BNC on this work. The fruits of this labor will be an amazing gift to the whole church when completed.

The hard work of this past week was made comfortable by the hospitality of the Diocese of the Rio Grande, New Mexico in their beautiful Bosque Center.

More on this soon!