How Do You Share the Easter Story?

April 24, 2014
Warren Frelund

photoWe welcome back as guest blogger Warren Frelund, who serves on the Lifelong Formation Advisory Council and has served as a deacon in The Episcopal Church for 20 years. 

Dear Friends in Christ,

Yesterday I celebrated Easter for the 70th time. I do not remember the first few but I believe they were as wonderful as yesterday.

I recall an earlier Easter Sunday as a young child in the Lutheran Church. Our church had been destroyed by fire and we were meeting as a congregation in a movie theater. This continued as our new place of worship while our new church was being built. It seemed strange to be in church in the same place I had watched the great westerns movies with Gene Autry, Tom Mix, The Lone Ranger, and other great cowboys. But there we were worshiping God.

As I remember, it wasn’t too long and we moved into our new church. It was large and wonderfully bright and open. Surely this must be one of the great cathedrals of the Christians world! I attended many Easter services in this new church as a young boy and as a husband and father with my family.

We joined the Episcopal Church as a family when our oldest daughter was a senior in high school. Now we would experience Easter in a new surrounding. The liturgy, music, and a smaller congregation became a very important part of our lives. My Easter worship has had many experiences with time spent in Wyoming and now working with a small congregation in Iowa.

I guess my point is that no matter where I have worshiped, the Easter message has not changed. Even after 70 years of hearing the accounts of the resurrection I am still moved by God’s love for His people.

As I continue my life journey as an older adult the message is wonderful and very comforting. I also know that this is the message I need to share with others.

I would be interested in hearing your Easter story as you have begun your journey into the world of older adults.

In a culture that is moving away from the Easter story, how can we still proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ?