A Couple of Resources for Palm Sunday and Easter

March 19, 2013
Lifelong Formation

As we move through the last week of Lent, our thoughts begin to turn toward Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. I offer these few resources as last minute ideas for making this important season especially meaningful.

Candle Cross

Through the Cross: It can be difficult to find an age-appropriate way to share the story of the crucifixion with young children. Parents in your faith community may appreciate this inexpensive book from Candle Press (it’s just $1.00). Orders placed now will arrive by time for Palm Sunday. 

I Am A Child of God: This little booklet from Candle Press is printed on card stock so it can be held and read over and over. It makes a perfect gift for an infant or a very young child being baptized. Or, it can be given to the very young sibling of the infant being baptized, inviting that child into being a part of the celebration.

Celebrating Baptism: Created for the godparents or parents of an infant or a very young child, this book makes a great gift for godparents as a means of thanking them for the committment they are accepting.