November 12, 2012
Wendy Johnson

The word “advent” means “coming or arrival” and Advent is the season when we prepare for the coming of Christ. Advent is a beautiful season in the church, marked by candlelight and quiet preparation.

Here are resources designed to help you bring meaning to celebrating Advent with the young people in your community:

From Church Publishing:

Skiturgies: Pageants, Plays, Rite and Rituals offers many Advent & Christmas pageants, including new additions. Whether you are looking for a traditional tableau or a story involving aliens around the manger, you’ll find it on Skiturgies!

Slow down. Quiet. It’s Advent! A 2012 Advent calendar poster with 23 days of illustrations by Jay Sidebotham with ways to keep faith with the season. A great resource for sharing with families to help them prepare for Christmas besides the typical # of shopping days left.

From Leader Resources:

Carols of Christmas uses carols to structure six weeks of children’s sermons, family take-home sheets and education ideas for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany. Also includes intergenerational program of “Carols Come to Life” pageant & activities. Available in downloadable e-book.

Joy to the World covers 12 countries including background, ornaments, flags, Christmas greetings and nativity scenes from each country. A reprint of an old favorite, now available from LeaderResources. Available in downloadable e-book.

Angels Coloring Meditation Book includes 20+ creative and beautiful drawings invite you into a deeper spiritual world. These strong and interesting angels are not the usual sweet cherubs with wings and halos, but a creative challenge to see God’s messengers in a new way. An invitation to pray and remember God’s angels that watch over us.

Messages Advent Book uses simple phrases and concepts to teach young children Bible stories that lead up to the birth of Jesus. Beginning readers can read most stories on their own, but may need help with unfamiliar people or city names. Perfect Advent gift for any child, grandchild or godchild.

In addition to these, Bronwyn Skov, Officer for Youth Ministries, has also posted Advent Resources for youth.

What have you done in your community to create a meaningful Advent? Share your experiences and ideas here.