Lenten Reflections

Go! for Lent: Matthew 14:14-22

March 3, 2016
Vernese Smith United Thank Offering Board, Province II Representative Diocese of Long Island

Jesus had just fed the multitude of five thousand men, beside women and children. What was going through the minds of those disciples, I wonder? With five loaves and two small fish He fed the multitude? How many have we nourished with what little we have during this Lenten season? I often think of giving up something for Lent. Is that what Jesus would want me to do? But where do I begin? How then can I be a disciple for Christ?

We look at helping others in terms of finances and not having enough. The same way Jesus fed the multitude with the little He had to start with, we have little to offer in finances but vast in kindness, love, care, and encouragement. Sharing these gifts with others is how we can feed the multitude. Just as the bread and fish nourished their bodies, our compassion can nourish their souls. 

I think this passage of scripture speaks to me in a way that reminds me I don’t need a lot, to give. What little I have I can share with others. As Jesus and the disciples ‘GO’ into the villages, with very little... we too are called to go into the world, to our communities with similar odds and feed our friends, families, church families, and strangers in need, with a bit of ourselves; be it a shoulder to cry on, lending an ear, giving advice, a warm coat, a drink of water, a helping hand or an introduction to God and His word. 

These are gifts given to us by our Lord and Savior; not to keep to ourselves but to ‘GO’, share. 

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