Lenten Reflections

Go! for Lent: Mark 16:15

February 23, 2016
The Rev. Ranjit K. Mathews, Officer for Global Relations and Networking

I love this verse. It’s all about “being sent.” It consistently reminds me that as Christians, we need to be out and about in the world, “being” and sharing the Good News as we understand it. If the word of Jesus is so embodied, then it’s actually not just an imperative but something you are passionately committed to. This is what it feels like to me.

This verse is so joyful and it reminds me that as Christians, we are called to be joyful – to be that spoke in a world which often lifts up the negative, only lifts up death and destruction. We are called to be light, and to awaken that light in others. 

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