Lenten Reflections

Go! for Lent: John 15:15b-17

March 8, 2016
5th grade class, Trinity Episcopal Day School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The fifth grade class at Trinity Episcopal Day School in Baton Rouge is intrigued by what it means to “go and bear fruit” as described in John 15:15b-17.  We discussed the ways we can be Jesus’ friend and, as his friend, go and bear the kind of “fruit that will last” which Jesus would want us to bear.  After our discussion we literally decided to bear fruit!!!  Every fifth grader brought fruit to the school to deliver to people who are less fortunate.  They often have access to unhealthy food but usually not to fresh fruit.  This will help them have a healthy meal and possibly be a step toward having a healthier life. 

We have also drawn pictures of our interpretation of this verse. Our pictures show kindness, love, and loyalty. We believe that Jesus exemplifies all of these traits and taught us how to use them in our own lives.  We will strive to show forgiveness, understanding, loyalty, happiness, kindness, helpfulness, and honesty in our daily lives.   These are the types fruits that will stay with people for a long time and will help them to go out and bear good fruit.

From the 5th grade class at Trinity Episcopal Day School in Baton Rouge:  Cassia, Jackson, Kode, Samuel, Meg,  Jackson and Tatum.

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