UNCSW Anglican/Episcopal Delegate A Day: The Rev. Theresa Brion

February 21, 2012

We’re one day closer to the start of this year’s UNCSW! We’re looking forward to meeting today’s delegate, the Rev. Theresa Brion, and learning more about her experiences and ministry.

Theresa Brion is an Episcopal priest who is a native of Appalachia. She now serves as a “ministry developer” for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland in the the two western counties of Maryland, the Appalachian mountain region. With the eight churches in the region, Theresa facilitates the development of ministry teams and leaders.

“Women are the source of much of the activity in church and community service in the mountains of Virginia (where I was raised) and Maryland (where I now reside). For some time I have been involved in various outreach endeavors either borne of women and/or impacting them. I also have a special interest in ministries involving issues particularly impacting women, such as domestic and sexual abuse, even though my career paths have been traditionally male ones…. The women are the heart of the church in all meanings of the word—they are the source from which much of the church’s outreach, social, pastoral, and even worship energy generates.

They are the energy source pumping life into the community in service to each other and in the local and global community.”

Theresa comes to UNCSW in order to serve God and be energized to further empower the people and communities she serves.