The Rev. Frank Munoz, retired Navy Chaplain as Diocesan Military Missioner

By: The Rev. Janine Schenone
October 9, 2020

Bishop Susan Brown Snook recently appointed The Rev. Frank Munoz, retired Navy chaplain and Priest-in Charge at Grace Episcopal Church in Menifee, as our first military missioner—and the first known diocesan military missioner in The Episcopal Church. On Saturday, September 19, the Rev. Munoz offered a workshop to 15 members from around the diocese that covered the importance of military ministry and ways to offer our gifts to military families.

The most obvious reason to minister to the military is that they are in our midst (“fish in the sea,”), and so they are neighbors in need of pastoral care. In addition, military families have unique needs. Marriages can be strained due to long periods apart; families move often; and they often experience financial strain. Some active and retired military are healing from physical wounds, PTSD, or other disorders. Read More

The Rt. Rev. Carl Wright
Bishop Suffragan for Armed Forces and Federal Ministries