The Shahied Family

Diocese of Maryland
September 19, 2014

After moving to Harford Country, Abdul Shahied and his family found themselves living in a van. A promised job had not materialized, and now Abdul, his wife, and four children went from being a family on the edge of hope to a family on the edge of survival. The situation became more difficult when Abdul's wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

With Harford Family House's help, the Shahied family started to chart their course. Having been placed in a townhouse, they did not need to worry about space-- a clear upgrade from their van. The House provided training in budgeting and job hunting while the children settled into a new school. Mr. Shahied now has full-time, permanent employment in a warehouse.

Having finished the program, the Shahied family moved to their own home nearby, anchoring them comfortably in their neighborhood. The impact of Harford Family House has been wonderful on the children. Abdul Shahied explains, "They are in a secure place, they know this is their house and that we are all going to be together here."