The Buchard Family

Diocese of Maryland
September 17, 2014

According to Denise Buchard, even when she was living in a car with her then 16- and 7- year old sons, she struggled to ask for help. Harford Family House, a Jubilee Ministry in Aberdeen, Diocese of Maryland, was there for her, even as she confronted domestic violence and a fear of failing her children.

Today, according to The House News, she has a new outlook and a new message for people facing the same issues: "You have to be honest about your situation and ask for help." Doing so has helped her and countless others to realize that people-- at Harford Family House and elsewhere-- truly care about others.

Staff, volunteers, and donors at the house are committed to the success of clients, helping with not only shelter but also case managers and employment help. While Denise had worked in retail and food service for years, her most fulfilling work has been with The Arc of the Northern Chesapeake Region, helping adults with developmental disabilities. Through the encouragement of Harford Family House, she has found a career she loves.

To be sure, acceptance at the Harford Family House represented a turning point in her family's life; from having virtually nothing to finding a supportive community, financial counseling, and a furnished apartment, she remains impressed by all that the House furnished. She says, "To have someone care was overwhelming-- a good overwhelming. I just took it from there."