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October 22, 2020

Did you know that there is a counsel in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) to have a will? It’s true. Read page 445 in the BCP about “the duty…of all persons to make wills.”  Having a will or other estate plan is such an important part of our Christian faith and stewardship that it is explicitly addressed in our book of worship. For an adult Christian, having a valid will and estate plan is essential, and your gift is usually tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your Tax Advisor as to the tax consequences and benefits your gift may provide. If you have remembered The Episcopal Church in your will or would like more information on how to do so, please contact T.J. Houlihan, Associate Director of Development, at or 212.716.6271.

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Julia Alling - Annual Appeal Manager

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