Who Have We Funded?

So far in the 2019-2021 Triennium, the Task Force on Church Planting and Redevelopment has partnered with the following ministries through NEC Grants:

  • Abundant Life Health & Wellness (North Carolina) 
  • All Souls Episcopal Church (Central Florida) 
  • Bethany House and Gardens (Kansas) 
  • Between the Bridges (Central Gulf Coast) 
  • Center for Mission and Ministry (Kansas) 
  • Chaplains on the Harbor (Olympia) 
  • Christ’s Beloved Community (North Carolina) 
  • Church at the Crossroads (Michigan) 
  • CRECHE (Massachusetts)
  • Freeport Way of Love (Central Gulf Coast) 
  • German Language Communities in Europe (Europe) 
  • Good Samaritan Episcopal Church (Indianapolis)
  • Holy Hikes for Green Bay (Fond du Lac) 
  • Iglesia Episcopal de San Pablo (Western Massachusetts) 
  • Life Together (New York) 
  • Misa Magdalena (Washington) 
  • Plainsong Farm (Western Michigan) 
  • Mission Walk (New York)  
  • Mother of the Savior (Michigan) 
  • Rathbone Migrant Ministry (Massachusetts)
  • Resurrection Church* (Northwest Pennsylvania) 
  • RISE (Pennsylvania) 
  • Saint James* (Pittsburg) 
  • San Cornelio (Western Kansas)
  • San Marco (El Camino Real) 
  • Stepping Stone* (El Camino Real) 
  • St. Luke’s, North Park (San Diego) 
  • St. Nicholas (West Texas) 
  • Table 229 (Minnesota) 
  • Teens of Santa Cruz County* (El Camino Real) 
  • The Gathering (Los Angeles) 
  • The Playground (Northern California)
  • The Way Station (Iowa) 

Listed below are the names of the ministries funded in the 2016-18 triennium, the diocese and the link to a website if applicable. 

The Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers

Staff Officer for Church Planting

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