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Discerning Missional Leadership (“DML”) Retreats

Self-knowledge and assessment of one’s own particular gifts for leadership are immensely important for deciding whether or not you are called to start a new community from scratch. 

We want to make assessments available to anyone currently leading, or considering point leadership in a new worshipping community.  These discernment/assessment events take place in small groups of about 15 people and last 3-4 days.  They involve reflection on missional theology, conversations about the life of a church planter, neighborhood exegesis exercises, and an in-depth behavioral interview process.  At the end of the week, you will be offered feedback and a recommendation of “it’s a fit,” “it’s not a fit,” or “it’s potentially a fit.”   

Depending on location, the cost for a Discerning Missional Leadership Retreat is about $650, plus travel expenses.  NEC grants can be used to help with this cost.  We also highly encourage dioceses to invest in helping their leaders attend an assessment, as self-aware leaders with particular gifts will propel new communities forward.   

Registration for these DML Retreats is announced through our mailing list, on the Genesis Facebook Page, and by contacting the Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers at

DML Retreats in 2020
January 27-30 in Los Angeles (registration closed)
May 18-21 in Austin, Texas (Register here)
August 17-20 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (Register here)
October 12-15 – Location TBA 

2020 Online Trainings for Church Planters

3rd Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 Eastern / 2:00-3:30 Central

January 16 – Letters of Agreement for Church Planters
February 20 – Recruiting and Nurturing your Core Team
March 19 - Defining Sustainability in non-traditional plants
April 16 - Pivoting Gracefully/Changing Spaces
May 21 - Worship and Preaching in a Church Plant

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2020 Online Trainings for Diocesan Leaders

2nd Tuesdays at 3:00-4:30 Eastern/2:00-3:30 Central Time

February 11 - Getting Started: Identifying opportunity and understanding different planting models
March 10 - Leadership: Identifying and developing the gifts and competencies of a strong church planter or re-developer
April 14 - Defining Success: Developing and communicating with your planter about metrics, goals, and when to call it quits
May 12 - Supporting your Plant and Planter: Financially, emotionally and spiritually
June 9 - Ethnic and Language Specific Church Plants
TBA - Healthy Small Starts: New Episcopal Communities on a budget

These gatherings will be curated by:
Jason Evans, Missioner for Missional Communities, Diocese of Texas
Janet Waggoner, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Fort Worth
Katie Nakamura Rengers, Staff Officer for Church Planting Infrastructure 
Jesús Reyes, Canon to the Ordinary for Congregational Development, Diocese of El Camino Real

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Virtual Genesis Gathering

October 2020

Information and Registration

The Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers

Staff Officer for Church Planting

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