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This symbol, which you will see at every Episcopal Church, is the official "logo" of the Episcopal Church (TEC), and represents our history.  

The red Cross of St. George on a white field is symbolic of the Church of England. The blue field in the upper left corner is the Episcopal Church.  It features a Cross of St. Andrew, in re-cognition of the fact that the first American bishop was consecrated in Scotland. This cross is made up of nine cross-lets or mini crosses, which represent the nine dioceses that met in Philadelphia in 1789 to form the Protestant Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.

Blue: Pantone 660 C (Web #407EC9)
Red: Pantone Red 193 C (Web #BF0D3E)
Gray: Pantone Cool Gray 8 (Web #888B8D)

Episcopal Shield
Episcopal Shield Rounded
Episcopal Shield Reversed White
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Horizontal Logo PNG
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Vertical Logo JPG
Vertical Logo PNG
Reverse White Logo
Spanish Vertical Logo
Spanish White Reversed Vertical Logo
Spanish Horizontal Logo
Spanish Reversed White Horizontal Logo
GC 2018 Shield PNG
GC 2018 Shield JPG

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