Seattle based Musician Mike Notter finds himself drawn back to church at COTA.

Church of the Apostles (COTA) is an intentional, sacramental community in the way of Jesus Christ, under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia Washington and the NW Washington Synod ELCA. We work to create church that is not a place to visit, but a life we lead and a community to which we belong. We welcome all to struggle through questions of faith with us.

As beings made in the image of the Creator, we feel that the most true, authentic expression of our faith comes from our creativity, whether baking our own bread, writing our own liturgy, or incorporating music and creative work from the COTA community. We are long-time partners with the Abbey Arts Center, a nonprofit arts organization presenting and curating creative events.

In our service we engage in both ancient church traditions and innovative worship. One of our traditions is Open Space, a time of reflection in which we are encouraged to meditate, create, interrogate, and react to what we have experienced in the service. We revere the beauty of the church seasons and the Eucharist.

Our church was created from the unique experience of young adults, and we continue to explore new ways of being church and living our mission in today’s cultural context. While our current members are typically in their twenties and thirties, we value the wisdom of our older members and the fresh ideas of our children.