Jericho Road is a neighborhood-based nonprofit homebuilder that provides families with healthy and energy-efficient affordable housing opportunities. We partner with neighborhood residents, organizations and businesses to create and maintain a stable and thriving community.

By using a humble and cautious approach and listening to the voice and feedback of the community it serves, Jericho Road relies on the production of high-quality low-cost housing to begin the revitalization of a neighborhood that has been struggling to thrive for decades. In our construction we emphasize traditional architecture design, green building practices, universal design principals. With the focus not only on bringing underutilized land back into commerce, but also on supporting activities and initiatives that develop families and communities, Jericho Road prioritizes neighborhood revitalization, blight and vacant property reduction (thus crime reduction) and economic vitality.

Jericho Road is a subsidiary of Christ Church Cathedral and was founded in part by Episcopal Relief & Development.