Since You Asked


June 2, 2002

Q: "Why is the church door red?" 

Connie Kretschmer from Wellington, Nev., asked in April's letters to the editor, "Why is the church door red?" Several readers provided the following theories.

A: One explanation was that red indicated the mortgage was paid. I take this with a...

October 31, 2001

Q: "What is the most popular version of the Bible?" 

Dr. David Burke, dean of the American Bible Society's Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarhip:

A: In a recent survey done by the Gallup Organization for the American Bible Society, some revealing profiles emerged about Bible...

September 30, 2001

Q: "I'm caught off guard when the rather ancient, archaic English title "primate" is used relating to bishops. It is a word definitely in the old Anglican style, but what meaning does it have today?" 

Canon James Rosenthal, editor of Anglican World magazine and an appointed missionary of...