Spiritual Growth


July 28, 2003

All humans have three things in common: We’re born, we live, and we die. For such simple facts, these truths raise profound questions for us.

We know about our bodies: we eat, sleep, work, and have children, for instance. We know about our feelings, about love, sorrow, joy, anger, or...

July 2, 2003

One of my privileges is to represent our church around the Anglican Communion. I have learned from these visitations that the contexts in which we as Anglican Christians seek to express fidelity to Christ are vastly different and thus call for different responses. The sense of hope of our...

May 4, 2003

"Life is too short for nastiness," retired South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu told participants at the first of two Spiritual Formation Conferences sponsored by Trinity Church Wall Street and held at Camp Allen, Texas, April 7-11.

"Have you ever thought of yourselves as a center of...