Small Congregations


July 30, 2003

Small churches are the heart of the Episcopal Church, comprising more than 60 percent of congregations. The Church in Small Communities legislative committee of General Convention took another step Tuesday night to support these congregations.

The committee will submit its recommendation...

July 2, 2003

Doug Walrath took a last look at small church life, shortly before he retired in 1990 from Bangor Seminary, by doing a study of rural pastors in New England. He was critical of most of them at two points: (1)they were informed by Industrial Age thinking which stresses efficiency,...

May 4, 2003

"The relationship between congregation size and church growth is surprisingly tricky to measure," says C. Kirk Hadaway, the Episcopal Church's new director of research, in a new study just released by his office.

The study seeks to provide a more balanced perspective and combat what he...