Presiding Bishop



October 1, 2001

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

After 20 years of living with HIV/AIDS, we as members of the Body of Christ continue to face the challenge of this life-destroying disease in our congregations, our communities, and the world. Estimates prepared for the United Nations General...

September 11, 2001

Thank you for the many expressions we are receiving of support and concern. We are safe and exceedingly mindful of the tragedy that is happening in another part of New York and also in Washington.

The Church Center community has gathered to support one another and to pray for all those...

September 11, 2001

The events of this morning in New York City and Washington, D.C. make me keenly aware that violence knows no boundaries and that security is an illusion. To witness the collapse of the World Trade Center was to confront not only our vulnerability as a nation in spite of our power, but also the...

October 11, 2000

October 11th, 2000

One of the unexpected blessings of my recent cancer surgery has been the overwhelming outpouring of prayer and affection from so many people both within and beyond the Episcopal Church. I have no doubt that all this good energy released into the heavens on my...

January 31, 2000

Almost exactly two years after his investiture as the 25th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, Frank T. Griswold extended his conversation with the church during a second teleconference.

Sitting in the chapel of St. Martin's School in a suburb of New Orleans, surrounded by people...

September 17, 1998

The Presiding Bishop has made the following response to queries of church members regarding the matter of the Starr investigation of President Clinton.

I respect, and hope that we will honor, the plea of President Clinton for forgiveness. This is rooted in my understanding and experience...