Lay Leadership


June 15, 2011

Episcopal lay leader Marge Christie was one of three women honored June 14 at a National Council of Churches "Circles of Names" gathering in New York highlighting women's leadership in faith communities and raising funds for the council's Women's Ministries program.

"There are many who...

January 22, 2009

Demi L. Prentiss is serving as program officer for discipleship and leadership in the area of lay and baptismal ministry, according to the Rev. Margaret Rose, director of the Episcopal Church's Mission Leadership Center.


Prentiss is based at the Episcopal Church Center regional...

December 10, 2008

The Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas has launched a Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation (CCMV) that brings together a variety of existing programs for those called to lay ministry, inside and outside the Episcopal Church.

"All Christians are called to serve God through...

October 24, 2007

The Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac has a great idea about how to relieve stress for new vestry members. The bishop, treasurer, diocesan administrator and a few educators and communications professionals offer Vestry School each spring.

"The primary role of a vestry is to work with...

May 1, 2007

Administrators from nearly 70 dioceses gathered at the Episcopal Church Center in New York City on September 24 for the opening reception of the 2007 Episcopal Business Administration Conference for Dioceses (EBAC), set to run through September 27 at the Roosevelt Hotel.

EBAC is an...

April 8, 2004

Discover, respond, honor, affirm, involve, equip, support, empower, grow, thrive, transform. Shared ministry. Mutual ministry. Ministry of all the baptized.

Powerful phrases and positive terms glowed like jewels through the energized discussion and frequent laughter at a conference...

February 29, 2004

WE WHO ARE the church are probably guilty of sending many mixed messages to the larger culture and to our own community. But there is one message that particularly weighs on my mind these days.

We hear an increasing emphasis on our baptismal ministry, especially the baptismal ministry...

May 28, 2003

News stories that have appeared with suggestions that the Diocese of Sydney is about to commence the practice of lay and diaconal presidency are incorrect.

A committee report will be debated at the June meeting of the diocesan Standing Committee. The report contains the suggestion that...

Bulletin Inserts

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