Latin America & Caribbean


February 9, 2004

Episcopalians were part of a thirty-member delegation of the National Council of Churches of Christ (USA) invited to Cuba, January 22-28, 2004. The Rt. Rev. C. Christopher Epting, the Presiding Bishop's Deputy for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, and the Rev. Susanne Watson Epting,...

August 5, 2003

With a unanimous voice vote, deputies admitted the Diocese of Venezuela into the Episcopal Church Tuesday morning (A142).

Because the diocese still must take several steps to fulfill the requirements of full membership, including conforming its constitution and canons with the...

August 2, 2003

The Diocese of Puerto Rico and its 30,000 baptized members officially joined the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A. with a unanimous vote by the House of Bishops.

Approved Friday by the House of Deputies, the bishops applauded the entry of Puerto Rico and welcomed Bishop David Alvarez as a...

July 31, 2003

With a convoluted process that illustrated, as one deputy put it, “the manner in which we can screw up the simplest thing,” the House of Deputies voted Thursday morning to admit Puerto Rico as a diocese of the Episcopal Church assigned to Province IX.

While there was no disagreement over...

July 14, 2003

U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the Episcopal Church we are writing to request that you support the Waters amendment to H.R. 1950, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, to require the Administration to report to Congress on...

July 7, 2003

The Honorable John W. Snow Secretary United States Department of Treasury 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20220

Dear Secretary Snow:

As long-time advocates of providing responsible debt relief to poor countries working toward economic growth, poverty...

June 3, 2003

June 2003

Dear Member of Congress:

As religious, humanitarian and policy organizations, we are concerned about the lack of attention and resources to address critical international health and development priorities as we look at the Administrationʹs FY 2004 budget request for...

May 22, 2003

Washington, DC - The Episcopal Church celebrated a double legislative victory this week as the U.S. Congress passed legislation to authorize a $15 billion program to combat global AIDS and to direct the Bush Administration to negotiate deeper debt relief for the world’s poorest countries...

May 1, 2003

Cuban church leaders have responded to criticism of their government by calling for understanding from Christians around the world of the 'grave threats to its security and integrity' the Caribbean island nation faces from the United States.

Cuba's imprisonment of 75 dissidents...

April 29, 2003

Latin American governments should refuse to pay their foreign debt and creditors should cancel it, according to a document debated by church representatives meeting in Buenos Aires. The document also calls for 'economic disobedience' and the reform of international financial institutions.