International Anglican Women's Network


April 12, 2019

By: The Rev. Margaret Rose

The following was written during the United Nations 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women, and the language has been preserved to reflect the time of authoring.

This first week of the 63rd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was, for me, a...

January 12, 2011

One year ago Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake lasting approximately 35seconds. It was 35 seconds that reduced the country's capital to ruble, took the lives of roughly 250,000 people, injured hundreds of thousands more and left 1.5 million people homeless. That moment altered the...

September 22, 2010


The Episcopal Church has committed to the Millennium Development Goals at three consecutive General Conventions (2003-Resolution D006, 2006-Resolution D022, 2009-Resolution D019) and has declared the Goals to be a mission priority of the church during the past six years.  ...

January 21, 2010

As Congress gets back into gear for the spring, we wanted to give you an update on some of the issues that we will be watching and that you can expect to see in future EPPN Alerts.


Federal Jobs Bill: The House of Representatives passed the Jobs for...

April 21, 2009

Sandra McPhee and Karen Chane have been chosen to represent the Episcopal Church on the International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN), an official network of the communion that reports the work of Anglican women, and the challenges they face, to the Anglican Consultative Council.


March 31, 2009

**UPDATE 4/2/2009: Thank you for your participation in this action! There was a massive effort from across the global-poverty community leading up to the vote. Our vote-counting process showed that we had at least 55 out of 99 votes on our side. The opponents of the amendment were clearly doing...

March 26, 2009

Secretary Janet Napolitano Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security Washington, DC 20528

Dear Secretary Napolitano:

We write to ask you to take action to end the discriminatory policies inhibiting the resettlement of one of the most vulnerable...

March 6, 2009

While political and social concerns topped the agenda at a meeting in New York February 22-27 of the International Anglican Women's Network, members said that merely meeting in person for the first time gave them renewed courage to advance women's issues in sometimes-hostile environments.


March 1, 2009

Noting that women make up just six percent of the Anglican Communion's top decision-makers, the International Anglican Women's Network urged at its February 22-27 meeting in New York City that the worldwide church study the role of women and find ways to empower female leadership.


December 17, 2008

Dear Friends:

I have just returned from a trip to the Holy Land with a Churches for Middle East Peace delegation. We visited Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Tel Aviv. We met and listened to Palestinians - Christians and Muslims - and Israelis, all of whom told us that a two-state...