November 30, 2003

It was bridge of Hope Night, a night in November, and mentoring groups from five churches of different denominations had gathered support for homeless mothers and their children. Two local Episcopal churches were part of the Hope Night, one was feeding the crowd of about 85, and the other was a...

February 21, 2003

I knew I was meeting my bishop. I had no idea what she'd look like.

The phone rang around 9:30 a.m. 'I'm coming in on Greyhound around 10, but I have to leave at 1:15 at the latest. Where can you meet me?'

'At the clock in Grand Central, around 10:30?'

'See you then.'...

February 20, 2003

Rhode Island bishop Geralyn Wolf spent the first month of this year as 'Aly,' a homeless woman, in shelters and soup kitchens across the northeast United States. She revealed her story in an article published in the Providence Journal in February, and spoke to Jan Nunley of Episcopal News...

October 23, 2002

The people of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in El Cajon, California, have decided to take a stand for those who are homeless in their community--even if the El Cajon City Council throws the book at them for doing it.

The congregation has been actively involved in the political arena and...

December 5, 2001

Clergy and delegates attending the 136th convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh witnessed an unusual sight on opening day November 2, 2001. A processional marking the admission of the diocese's newest parish, Shepherd's Heart Fellowship, passed through the convention ballroom. What was truly...