November 28, 2006

The second of four parish bulletin inserts highlighting Episcopal Church history – and the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Colony and the beginnings of its original parish church -- has been posted online for use Sunday, December 3, or Sunday, December 10.

The full text of the series...

November 21, 2006

Episcopal Church history – and the upcoming milestone 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Colony and the beginnings of its original parish church --is the focus of a new Sunday service leaflet insert series designed for use November 26 through December 17.


The full text of the...

October 30, 2006


Consecrated October 21, 2006 Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

X Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Dean of Washington National Cathedral; Chief Administrative Officer...

November 1, 2005

The Executive Council in October directed its Social Responsibility in Investments Committee to use the church’s investments to encourage positive change in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Our recommendation is not divestment, which I think some people were anticipating...

November 30, 2004

Q: "I am a life-long Episcopalian, and I don’t remember once having read one article or heard about missionaries in an Episcopal Church. After reading Episcopal Life recently, I now understand there are hundreds of them. I was under the impression that missionary work was not done by...

October 31, 2004

Q: "Did the Episcopal Church split in the manner that denominations such as the Baptists (American and Southern Baptist Conventions) and others have since the Civil War?" 

The Rev. Canon Francis C. Zanger, D.Min, priest associate and pastoral counselor of the Church of the Holy Communion...

June 19, 2004

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH of Haiti began in a way unlike any other church in the Anglican Communion. Never was it a church of expatriots, either British or American. It's been Haitian from its beginnings in 1863. The details of the church's founding and growth are a source of great pride to its...

July 29, 2003

The Early Church

After the resurrection, Scripture tells us, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to be with the disciples. When that happened, the Church was born. The Disciples began to gather more followers for Jesus, and continued to teach them. The more people learned about Jesus...

July 29, 2003

The Episcopal Church, having its roots in the Church of England, is also an Anglican Church. Like all Anglican churches, the Episcopal Church is distinguished by the following characteristics:

Protestant, Yet Catholic Anglicanism stands squarely in the Reformed tradition, yet considers...

July 28, 2003

During the Reformation in the 16th Century, Henry VIII declared the Church of England independent of the Roman Catholic Church with himself as its head. It was the result of many factors, some political and some theological, but it has given rise to a distinct form of Christianity, known as...


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