Hip-hop Masses


June 25, 2007

HipHopEMass, the syncopated lively ministry born on the streets of the Bronx, New York, has not skipped a beat since moving to the shores of New Jersey's Atlantic City. In fact it has added a music school.

"This is both a progression, and beginning," said the Rev. Timothy "Poppa T"...

April 30, 2005

“CHRIST IS BACK” “Christ is back! Christ is back!”

The words, chanted by the congregation, increased with intensity in response to the exhortations of freestyle rapper “D.O.” (Defy the Odds), the main attraction at last month’s Hip Hop Mass at a 137-year-old Episcopal church in the South...

August 31, 2004

“My sistas and brothers, all my homies and peeps, stay up – keep your head up, holla back and go forth and tell it like it is.”

Thus Suffragan Bishop Catherine Roskam of the Diocese of New York, blessed the congregation of Trinity Church, Morrisania, Bronx, N.Y., and sent it out to...