April 27, 2009

As health officials around the world monitor an outbreak of swine flu that has killed more then 150 people in Mexico and spread to six other countries, Episcopal churches are examining liturgical practices and reviewing emergency plans.

"Swine flu is currently being handled by the health...

March 12, 2009

Three times weekly, John Emerson "works up a good Christian sweat" pumping iron during a half-hour power walk with other men from Trinity Episcopal Church in Lawrence, Kansas.

But first, they pray.

"It's inspirational," said Emerson, 80, a semi-retired trust and estate attorney...

September 8, 2008

September has been designated "National Addiction Recovery Month" by the U.S. Government's Department of Health and Human Services. Episcopal Life Weekly bulletin inserts for September 14 focus on the work of Episcopal Recovery Ministries, an organization of congregations, dioceses,...

March 7, 2008

A three-part workshop on the relationship between addiction and spiritual life for adolescents will be held March 13 and 15 at two Diocese of Massachusetts parishes -- Church of St. Andrew in Marblehead and at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Lynn.


According to organizer Kevin...

February 4, 2007

Until recently, the world had not heard of Jones Ginting, a father of two young boys who lives with his wife and extended family in a tiny Indonesian village on the island of Sumatra. The family enjoys a close-knit existence -- working, living and playing together. They share another...

November 30, 2006

Q: "Is it a sin to be fat?" 

The Rev. Jean Denton, RN, is director of National Episcopal Health Ministries and editor of Good is the flesh: Body, Soul and Christian Faith,” published by Morehouse responds:

A: Is there a via media in the weighty matter of obesity?  Is there a...

June 30, 2005

When Alice Davison, a linguistics professor at the University of Iowa, was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, she received up-to-date medical treatments at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Iowa Hospital. At Trinity Episcopal Church in Iowa City, Iowa, she also received what may be the world’s...

January 31, 2005

In recent days, there has been much in the news about the physical state of Americans. We are learning that we eat far too much, prefer foods filled with fat and coated with sugar, and move our bodies far too little. As we have become more and more obese, clothing sizes have been reconfigured....

June 30, 2004

For someone challenged with disordered eating, putting one's focus into wrestling with one's body and food keeps that person from embarking on an exploration of self-discovery to gain insight and understanding about the real need that is being expressed. Symptoms have meaning. They are guides...

June 29, 2004

"I have discerned that my ministry is healing. My entire life experience, both my clinical experience and my spiritual journey, is tied to healing. I believe my ministry as a clinician at Avalon is exactly the work God intends for me to do right now," said the Rev. Judy Breny with conviction....


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