Health Care


April 16, 2003

The inadequacy of the nation's health-care system will be the domestic issue upon which the next federal election will hinge, Henry E. Simmons, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, predicted to about 80 Episcopal health-care professionals at a conference in Washington, D.C.,...

April 4, 2003

A shipment of badly needed personal hygiene soap and laundry detergent for Iraqi children arrived in Baghdad March 31 as part of the U.S.-based All Our Children campaign, a multi-agency effort that includes Church World Service, the relief and development arm of the National Council of Churches...

January 7, 2003

Several religious organizations--including Church World Service (CWS), the relief and development arm of the National Council of Churches--have joined a campaign to raise $1 million to address critical health care needs of Iraqi children.

Funds raised by the 'All Our Children' campaign...

December 22, 2002

The President The White House Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

As people of faith concerned about the needs of low income working families, we write to ask that the federal budget for fiscal year 2004 truly take into account their needs.

We represent a broad...

September 4, 2002

Dear Senator:

We write on behalf of our religious organizations to urge you to support the Senate Finance Committee’s proposal for reauthorization of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). We believe that the Finance Committee’s bill builds upon the successes of the...

May 6, 2002

Honorable Tom Harkin Chairman, Senate Agriculture Committee Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Harkin:

We, the undersigned groups, are writing to express our support for the nutrition title of the Conference Report on the Farm Bill (H.R. 2646). The final...

September 30, 2001

SITTING IN A ROOMFUL of Episcopalians involved in health ministries, the Rev. Babs Marie Meairs described her work as a Veteran's Affairs chaplain in San Diego. She works with spinal-cord injuries and the extended-care unit and participates in a national leadership program on pain management...