General Convention 2024


February 28, 2020

The 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church will be held in July 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky (Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky).

The decision was presented by the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe, executive officer of General Convention and chair of the Joint Standing Committee on...

February 28, 2020

La 81ª Convención General de la Iglesia Episcopal se llevará a cabo en julio de 2024 en Louisville, Kentucky (Diócesis Episcopal de Kentucky)

La decisión fue presentada por el reverendo Canónigo Michael Barlowe, oficial ejecutivo de la Convención General y presidente del Comité...

February 17, 2020

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry embraces Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio of Cuba after the formal readmission of her church into The Episcopal Church at the Executive Council meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Feb. 15, 2020. Photo: Egan...