March 10, 2004



Global AIDS Pandemic: In its 2005 Budget the White House includes $2.8 billion to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, $200 million of which is for the Global AIDS...

March 8, 2004

Dear Senator,

We the undersigned organizations, urge you to adequately fund human needs programs in the FY 05 budget and oppose attempts to reduce non-defense discretionary spending to pay for increases in defense spending.

The President’s plan would spend almost...

January 27, 2004

Dear Senator:

As the Senate prepares to vote on legislation to reauthorize the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, we urge you to call for TANF reauthorization that seeks to reduce poverty as its primary goal. This goal is urgent in today’s economy.


December 15, 2003

Another busy year for the Episcopal Public Policy Network has passed and we wanted to let you know what has happened with measures on which we sent out Alerts and you acted. Your phone calls, emails, and faxes are critical to the church’s efforts to “strive for justice.” When Congress...

October 25, 2003

Dear HELP Committee Member:

For decades now, the successful Head Start preschool program has prepared nearly 20 million of America’s neediest children for success in kindergarten and later life. Tomorrow, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee will meet to consider...

July 18, 2003

Executive Council 2/93 “call[ed] on Congress [to] provide expanded services, funding, and financial accountability for…Head Start.”

Head Start is the nation’s most comprehensive early childhood development program that helps low-income families and children acquire needed skills...

June 17, 2003

Dear Member of Congress:

We wrote to you on June 10th urging you to oppose H.R. 2210, the School Readiness Act, unless significant changes were made in the legislation. We regret that after subcommittee and full committee mark up those changes have not been made. Therefore, we write to...

December 22, 2002

The President The White House Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

As people of faith concerned about the needs of low income working families, we write to ask that the federal budget for fiscal year 2004 truly take into account their needs.

We represent a broad...

October 17, 2002

Dear Senator,

As faith-based organizations concerned that an opportunity to help people in need may be lost, we write to urge prompt action with regard to welfare (TANF) reauthorization. We contact you now because we want to be clear regarding what we believe is the best option for...

October 8, 2002

Dear Senator:

As Congress approaches its adjournment, millions of low-income working families are still waiting for your help with child care. Currently, only 1 in 7 children eligible for help through the Child Care and Development Block Grant gets it. More than 20 states maintain...