Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean


September 12, 2002

Church activists in India have welcomed the decision of a key United Nations committee to recognize, for the first time, that the caste system is a form of racial discrimination, confirming a position held by Christians and other activists. The Committee for the Elimination of Racial...

January 29, 2002

The Rev. Todd McGregor, a missionary from the Diocese of Southeast Florida who has worked in Madagascar for the past ten years, sent an urgent request for prayer early on the morning of Friday, January 25.

At an informal dinner at McGregor's home the previous night, Archbishop Rémi...

January 11, 2002

As tension grow between India and Pakistan, Indian church leaders have warned that 'war hysteria' is gripping their country. They have issued urgent calls for dialogue to resolve differences. 'War is not a solution for the existing situation between India and Pakistan,' said Geevarghese mar...