Church Governance


February 5, 2014

[Episcopal News Service – Linthicum Heights, Maryland] The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council has begun an effort to clarify the responsibility and authority that reside in the agencies and boards that report to it.

As part of that process, the council Feb. 6 heard from representatives...

July 24, 2012

By: Episcopal Young Adult and Campus Ministries

The Episcopal Church needs YOUR voice! Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on a churchwide committee, commission agency or board this triennium. Applications are open to lay and clergy members of the Episcopal Church. Committees cover a variety of topics including women’s rights, social...

October 31, 2011

[Episcopal News Service] A report outlining the mission and ministry work of the Episcopal Church Center in 2010 has been posted online here.

The Report to the Episcopal Church details the work accomplished through the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society budget throughout 2010,...

October 24, 2011

During its October 21-24 meeting here, the Episcopal Church's Executive Council adopted several resolutions, which are summarized below.

Executive Council

Express to the Diocese of Washington and the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation profound sorrow at the recent...

September 29, 2011

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson wrote Sept. 30 to deputies and first alternate about recent suggestions made by Bishop Stacy Sauls, the church's chief operating officer, about possible ways to restructure the church in a way that he said could shift the church's focus toward mission...

September 19, 2011

The Episcopal Church's chief operating officer has asked the House of Bishops to engage the laity and clergy in their dioceses in conversation in support of a potential structural reform that he said could shift the church's focus toward mission.

The Rt. Rev Stacy Sauls on Sept. 20...

March 4, 2011

Change is in the water. Our society is changing demographically and economically, the size and resource base of our church is changing and the world is changing through climate change, population change, technology and a host of other factors. We are swimming in change.

In particular,...

December 13, 2010

Nominations for membership on seven bodies or positions to be elected at the Episcopal Church's General Convention in 2012 are now being accepted by the Joint Standing Committee on Nominations.

Bishops, priests, deacons and lay persons may be nominated, according to a press release from...

November 17, 2009

The work given to the Episcopal Church by the July meeting of General Convention in Anaheim, California, has begun.

Nearly 270 volunteer members of 24 of the Episcopal Church's so-called interim bodies, the Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards (commonly know as CCABs) are having...

October 28, 2009

By: The Public Affairs Office

Note: this is another in an ongoing series discussing the governance of The Episcopal Church. Also, this contains Episcopal Church lingo and terms. Check the websites listed at the end for full explanations.


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