Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation


January 14, 2020

The 81st meeting of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the United States of America (ARCUSA) met at the Nicholas Center in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago from December 16-18, 2019, hosted by the Episcopal Church’s Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations.


December 2, 2002

At its mid-September meeting, the official theological consultation in the United States between Roman Catholics and Anglicans concluded an in-depth discussion of 'The Gift of Authority,' the third major agreed statement on authority in the church released by the Anglican-Roman Catholic...

April 2, 2002

The official dialogue between the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholics, established in 1965, continued its discussion of authority in the church at its March 14-17 meeting in Menlo Park, California. It was hosted by Archbishop William Levada of San Francisco, Roman Catholic co-chair of the...


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We the members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation, meeting in Baltimore June 14-17, 199

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