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Stowe, Walter Herbert

(Jan. 22, 1895-Jan. 2, 1989). Historian and writer. He was born in Waterville, Minnesota. Stowe received his B.A. in 1915 from the University of Minnesota and his B.D. in 1918 from Seabury Hall Divinity School. He was ordained deacon on Dec. 16, 1917, and priest on Feb. 2, 1919. Stowe was master of Shattuck School, 1918-1919, and priest-in-charge of Trinity Church, Woodbridge, New Jersey, 1919-1921. While at Woodbridge he was a fellow at the General Theological Seminary. Stowe was rector of St. Luke's Church, Willmar, Minnesota, 1921-1925; rector of St. Mark's Church, Denver, 1925-1929; and then rector of Christ Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey, from 1929 until his retirement in 1966. He was managing editor of the Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1934-1949, and editor, 1949-1961. He contributed numerous articles to the Historical Magazine. Stowe was historiographer of the Diocese of New Jersey, 1936-1967, and historiographer of the Episcopal Church, 1952-1967. One of his major books is The Life and Letters of Bishop William White; together with the services and addresses commemorating the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of his consecration to the episcopate (1937). Stowe died in Bound Brook, New Jersey.

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